About Me!

Hi there! My name is Raine O’Brien, and as a student of Communication and the Professional Writing Minor at UC Santa Barbara, I am dedicated to communication theory, media studies, and media creation.


Throughout my academic journey, I have gained experience using programs such as Adobe Suite, Figma, and Canva. Not only have I fine-tuned my creative skills through my coursework, but through my internships and extracurricular activities as well. In working with the Wall Street Journal, I have gained hands-on experience in creating compelling visual and audio content, and managing how the designed work engages diverse audiences.

Additionally, my internship as a Social Media Marketer at a startup last summer combined with my time spent at the London School of Economics, equipped me with a solid understanding of effective messaging, time management, and content creation – which are all crucial aspects of modern communication within any industry. Currently, I am the Social Media Manager of UC Santa Barbara, where I am applying these skills daily managing the social platforms. I am a student of Communication and am someone who believes in the transformative power of effective communication through social platforms to connect people and foster engagement. I am a team player, sociable, and an adaptable person who is always striving to better myself personally and professionally and is someone who can easily work outside of their comfort zone.